We choose to grow our flowers in a system that mimics the natural ecosystems that exist in nature. To be truly sustainable when growing any type of plant we need to be building soil as we are depleting it. Rather than killing the millions of beneficial micro organisms that live in the top 5cm of soil by tilling that also destroys beneficial fungal systems we have implemented a way to feed our soil with organic matter much in the same way leaf mould on a forest floor gives a year after year supply of food to the trees. In simple terms give the worms food in the form of compost and let them mix it for you!!

We aim to deal with all of our unwanted outputs or "waste" products to our advantage and to provide further nutrition for our plants. The ideal situation for us is have a closed self supporting system with very few or no outside inputs and no waste. We passively harvest surface and rain water and use solar powered pumps to irrigate our flowers. After all plants prefer rain water nothing added all natural, this is just using the water from the land where they are grown, no tap ever need be turned on, no electricity switch needs to be flicked. 

It can be distilled in a very simple concept really, love and respect and take only what you need. Love the plants you are growing and they will show you love back, give them the best possible environment in which to grow, respect their needs and cater for them in the least impacting way possible and of course we only ever harvest what we need, with permission and with gratitude and we never do anything that would impact negatively on our plants. We let 'weeds' grow around what we plant to attract natural pest control in the form of insects and where possible grow plants beneficial to pollinating insects. 

Most plants we now consider to be ‘weeds’ happen to be some of the most beneficial plants to both ourselves nutritionally and medicinally, and protectors to their plant neighbours. 

The result of all of this is you get beautiful flowers that are at their best at the time of year when they should be celebrated, they have also contributed to a positive system that helps to heal the earth, and they keep giving to you once harvested in terms of beauty, scent, medicine and meaning. Dry your flowers and keep them for ever, show them how special they truly are.