🦌 Cleavers & The Deer 🦌

Cleavers Deer

A Return To The Wilderness

Ever since the first of their little tendrils appeared in February, we’ve been gratefully enjoying the abundant spring bounty of ‘goosegrass’ popping up everywhere. Making tinctures, vinegars, soothing balms, adding handfuls to food and drinking daily cleavers ‘juice’.

There are infinite reasons to love cleavers, but my favourite folklore surrounding it’s beautifully ‘clingy nature’ is the link between cleavers and the deer. Their medicine is so beautifully intertwined.

Cleavers herbal .jpg

Cleavers is a nervine herb who’s angular form is said to resemble the legs of a deer, and mirror their tender, gentle but determined nature.

In ‘Nature Speak’ a Deer’s medicine whispers of a “ a return to the wilderness”. The beauty that lies in willing to be gentle and vulnerable enough to remember our truly wild nature.

They are the epitome of the strength found within gentleness. Their heightened intuition, lays foundations for their otherwise ‘innocent’ way of viewing the world and their tenderness coupled with their tenacious instinct for survival, makes them them demure, but incredibly wise teachers.

They are known throughout history to have lead great kings, and huntsmen into the woods to ‘get lost’ in magic lands, and wild experiences.

Deer come as a promise and gentle rustling of new adventures.

Deer Cleavers

Just like the deer, for me, cleavers resemble the ‘return to the wilderness’ in so many ways. This plant is tameless, it wildly and unapologetically scrambles it’s way around the hedgerows, woods and gardens of our lives. It is gentle but persevering, just like the deer, and in the same way lures us into nature at just the right time ~ to prepare us for all those promised adventures.

Growing in abundance, and commonly named ‘Kisses’ or ‘Sweetheart’ because it clings to us as if it loves us.

I think it really does, and is so benevolent and generous with it too, it makes me genuinely sad when people refer to it as a weed!

Providing both us and the animals with profound medicine and food, (geese and chickens especially love it) and offering shelter and bedding to it’s deer kin.

When Doe’s have their fawns they are known to choose large patches of cleavers as their sacred space to give birth. Not only is the cleavers soft and gentle on mother and baby, but because it grows up to great heights, disguising their smell, hiding them away and keeping them safe.

Another of cleavers common name’s is ‘bedstraw’, giving comfort and safety to so many of our animal friends.

Cleavers really is a sweetheart!

Deer & cleavers

I always like to think of Cleavers as offering us a gentle, internal ‘spring clean’. Gifting us the medicine we need to ready and prepare ourselves for the richness of the summer months, when days are long and busy.

Working with our waterways, delicately cleansing our bodies of anything that may have built up over the winter. Delicately encouraging our internal currents to push through and flow clean and clear again.

When deer show up there is an opportunity to express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you.
— Ted Andrews

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Have you had any special deer or cleavers experiences? I would love to know if anyone has seen the deer sleeping in beds of cleavers? I have definitely seen the curve, and imprint of where a deer was sleeping, but never the deer itself.

Do you have any favourite ways you incorporate cleavers into your life?

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Much love

Kelly-Marie xx


Disclaimer ~

I believe that learning and healing from the plants is our birthright, a remembering. What was second nature to our ancestors, becomes a liberating and empowering form of self healing. If we heal ourselves, we heal the wild from which we came.

The plants are our oldest and wisest ancestors, and we hope that by sharing the journey of our own ramblings down the plant path, you can take steps towards your own.

Please always do your own research, identify your plants properly, and cross reference any plant identification at least twice.

Any information given on our website is not intended as a medical reference but as a source of information. The use of any herb or any derivative is entirely at the readers own risk.

The information provided by our website is not a substitute for face to face consultation with your Doctor and should not be construed as medical advice. All information provided is based on the personal opinions and research of Kintala Flowers.


Travellers Joy + Clematis Flower Essence

Travellers Joy

One early evening, when the light was low and hazy, we stumbled upon a sea of Wild Clematis illuminating the hedgerows. A tangle of frothy silver waves, rivalling both the neighbouring white horses lapping on the edges of the shore and the early blossom announcing the arrival of Spring.

A dreamscape, of magical light and intoxicating sea breeze. We were left in awe of these great clouds of clematis and it reminded us of why it has long been referred to as ‘Travellers Joy’.

My two favourite folk names for Wild Clematis are ‘Love Bind’ and ‘Old Mans Beard’, the old man and his beard are a frequent addition to our Christmas wreaths.

Appearing to cling to the hedgerow in a loving embrace, Wild Clematis twines itself around other plants in order to reach the sunlight. It is not strong enough to stand by itself and so needs the support of others in order to grow.

Just like us.

I believe there is magic and medicine to be found in everything. When the living world grabs our attention, or leaves us in wonder, then it is often whispering words of wisdom straight into our ears.

Perhaps, if we are willing to accept the unconditional love and help offered to us by the wild and the more than human worlds, then we could easier embrace the ‘love that binds us’ all together.

We are nothing without it.

Wild Clematis


One of my favourite forms of flower medicine are flower essences. A energetic medicine that enables us to heal ourselves. By helping us to find balance and reconnect with our higher selves, essences can help heal our minds and ours souls, and in turn our physical being.

Clematis essence can help those that are stuck residing in their ‘inbetween’.

A place where your thoughts focus only on your future and the dreams you would like to realise. Yet you can’t quite get there because you have not been tending your roots. ‘Your present.’

It is easy to get lost and overwhelmed by a future that has not yet materialised, romantic notions & fantasies,. Our castles in the sky are incredibly seductive places.

They make our reality appear underwhelming in comparison, leading us to feel apathy for our present circumstance, lacking motivation, concentration and vitality for our day to day living.

The medicine that Clematis essence offers us is the understanding that in order to manifest your hearts desires you must first water and tend to your roots. The earth you stand on. Start right where you already are. It’s where you’re meant to be.

Plant your dreams as seeds, transform your ideas and visions into seedlings, do something everyday to help them grow strong.

Clematis essence can help us navigate our way out of the fog, into a present where our dreams are literally sprouting up around us because of our own devoted love and tending. It can help give us the motivation and clarity to create the life we dream of.

Old Mans Beard

Andrew & I have been residing in our own liminal space for a while now, waiting for dreams to realise. Travellers Joy was giving us a firm but loving nudge… ‘Look at where you are’ they said! We realised that perhaps, by patiently playing the ‘waiting game’ we had unknowingly ventured into our own ‘in-between’. We also realised how utterly privileged we are to even find our selves in that conundrum, to even have that kind of choice. A beautiful wake up call if ever we saw one!

Clematis was telling us to make it count and so we will, with gratitude, we will make every moment count!

Thank you to the old man and his beard and I hope that if needed he has reached you too.

Much love as always.

Kelly-Marie xx

🌟Under The Mistletoe - Winter Solstice🌟


In the shadows of winter, bare branches reveal baubles of mistletoe twinkling in the low winter sun. I see so many things in Mistletoe’s magic, but on the darkest night, branches & leaves come alive with shapes of swaying antlers, and berries become glistening sparkles of light.

Standing under the Mistletoe, I wonder if perhaps it is the Deer Mother I see in its reflection, ancient antlers returning the sun to us, carrying warmth, light & fertility across the Winter Solstice sky.

Mistletoe is a golden bough laden with the returning light. Reminding us that while our roots expand in the darkness, it is time to plant new seeds, dreams and kisses! So that our next phase can begin to grow.

Mistletoe wreath.jpg

We hope that you are spending this special time, slowing down and enjoying this gift of hibernation, reflection, pondering & planning, seed & dream sowing, and don’t forget to plant a few kisses too!

As of today we are taking a work break, as we have been winding wreaths, upon wreaths, and it feels like our wheels have been stuck spinning on over drive for the past year! If we don’t slow them down now we will end up like that time our Land Rover wheels got stuck spinning in the mud!

We really hope that you all get a chance to do the same, especially in this busy season, when we are all ‘supposed’ to be ‘perfect’ Christmas creatures, with endless time & energy (and money), lost in a festive frenzy. The reason we all secretly just want to put on our pyjamas and hibernate, is because that is exactly what nature intend for us to do! Winter is a gift! Be gentle on yourselves, rest, and treat this time as the best Christmas present you could gift yourself.

Winter Solstice & Yule blessings to you all and wishing you a very Merry (and restful) Christmas!

Much love

Kelly-Marie & Andrew xx