🌟Under The Mistletoe - Winter Solstice🌟


In the shadows of winter, bare branches reveal baubles of mistletoe twinkling in the low winter sun. I see so many things in Mistletoe’s magic, but on the darkest night, branches & leaves come alive with shapes of swaying antlers, and berries become glistening sparkles of light.

Standing under the Mistletoe, I wonder if perhaps it is the Deer Mother I see in its reflection, ancient antlers returning the sun to us, carrying warmth, light & fertility across the Winter Solstice sky.

Mistletoe is a golden bough laden with the returning light. Reminding us that while our roots expand in the darkness, it is time to plant new seeds, dreams and kisses! So that our next phase can begin to grow.

Mistletoe wreath.jpg

We hope that you are spending this special time, slowing down and enjoying this gift of hibernation, reflection, pondering & planning, seed & dream sowing, and don’t forget to plant a few kisses too!

As of today we are taking a work break, as we have been winding wreaths, upon wreaths, and it feels like our wheels have been stuck spinning on over drive for the past year! If we don’t slow them down now we will end up like that time our Land Rover wheels got stuck spinning in the mud!

We really hope that you all get a chance to do the same, especially in this busy season, when we are all ‘supposed’ to be ‘perfect’ Christmas creatures, with endless time & energy (and money), lost in a festive frenzy. The reason we all secretly just want to put on our pyjamas and hibernate, is because that is exactly what nature intend for us to do! Winter is a gift! Be gentle on yourselves, rest, and treat this time as the best Christmas present you could gift yourself.

Winter Solstice & Yule blessings to you all and wishing you a very Merry (and restful) Christmas!

Much love

Kelly-Marie & Andrew xx