The Larch's Call


A plant will call out to you when you need them most, a whistling through your senses that can not be ignored.

Their timing is always impeccable.

Swathes ablaze with copper glow and branches heavy with Autumn.

The Larch trees sang out to us, and tailed us to each and every corner of our trip to Wales, but truly I think it was us tailing them… Following them to a place of belonging. Following them home.

In essence the larch tree sings a song of unfolding, pulling us out of old ways of being, un ravelling the belief systems that have held us back, offering us perspective on old paradigms that have set us up to fail and fall short of our potential.

Larch gives us courage. Breathing self esteem back into our hearts, so that we can learn to grow, into all those shapes and sizes we dreamt of when we were stunted.