Smoke Medicine - Pine


One of my favourite ways to work with plants is through the use of smoke medicine. Whether this is in the form of a wand/stick or just dried herbs and flowers that work as incense, herbal smoke has been used for hundreds of years across the world for ritual, purification, cleansing, incense and fumigation and medicinal practice. 

For me it is such a special and personal way to connect with the plants because the smoke communicates directly to our subconscious, it is as an incredibly powerful healing practice and something that can be used safely and on a daily basis for ourselves, our homes and our animals. 

One of my favourite go to plants for smoke medicine is the Pine tree. We live really close to an area with lots of heath land where Pine grows in abundance. I love these trees so so much, for all of the gifts they give us, their cones, pollen and resin but their smoke is something I use on a daily basis.

Such a generous, beautiful tree. 

I'm a Clairsentient, Highly Sensitive Person and so the pine is one of my most valued plant allies. The smoke of the pine needles not only keeps us protected from negative influences, helping us maintain healthy boundaries, but also purifies us of any unwanted emotions, or energy that we may have soaked in from others and certain environments. 

As with all smoke medicine, the use of pine shifts our nervous systems into a state of relaxation. It enables us to think clearly again and physically cleanses us or any left over residue or 'baggage' that we may have not been able to 'shake off'. 

Pine Smoke Wand Esty

We use pine in 'wand'/ 'stick' form, also commonly known as 'Smudge Sticks' by First Nation American indigenous cultures, but as we are based in the UK ( from Celtic & Romany ancestry ) we prefer to to call them  'Smoke Wands' 'Flower Wands' or 'Smoke Medicine' sticks. 

The Pine wands that we make are ethically wild harvested by us here in Dorset, UK ....We spend lots of time on our daily dog walks foraging for fallen pine branches to use.  We also believe in the energetic properties of plants, so we bind them in our pine plant dyed twine. 

The healing properties of pine, as with any plant or flower is such a personal thing that can be found through spending time with and connecting with the plant, but there are always those things that are most commonly associated with them.

I have listed a few of them below, and because I love the astrological association with pretty much everything. Andrew and I both have a lot of Scorpio in our charts and so the pine plays an extra special part in our lives.  

☾ Pine is grounding, cleansing, purifying and protective. It smells delicious and will help to cleanse your space of unwanted negative energy. 

☾Traditionally used in healing to deepen the breathing and clear phlegm. 

☾ Associated with Mars & Pluto, so a fantastic medicine for anyone with a lot of Aries & Scorpio in their chart, or if you are working with those signs in your rituals. 

☾ Increases sexual desire and helps to heal any sexual related problems. 

Our Pine smoke wands can be found in our Etsy shop here, or click the shop link at the top of our website to go straight there. 

Remember a Pine is for life (not just for Christmas). 

Kelly-Marie xx

Our Pine smoke wands can be found in our Etsy shop here, or click the shop link at the top of our website.