Plant Potions For Cleaning -Home Made Natural Cleaning



Sparked off by an elaborate conversation with my Granny Sheila about the 'mystery rash' she keeps getting every time her cleaner comes to the house " I can only imagine, 'dear', that it's the dreadful cleaning spray" ... Pointing to the Detol! 

She has now hidden it from her cleaner, who is intent on finding it and using it regardless...Causing my Granny to become wheezy and irritable, which is either a result of the 'Dreadful Detol' or just sheer frustration caused by the hide and seek games she is playing with poor Julie the cleaner!

I have obviously tried to 'push' our home made natural cleaning products on my elderly Grandmother, which ordinarily never ever works but this time she actually listened!

 So I thought it might be nice to try and 'inspire' (push), the ancient and magical ways of bulk buying and vinegar on to some of you too. 

This year at Kintala HQ we have pledged, along with many others, to reduce the amount of waist we produce and to become as self sufficient as physically possible. We are far from perfect, and it's been a steep learning curve in slowing down, being commited and mindful about what we purchase, and learning to truly enjoy the process. 

We are biased (because we love making a potion or two) but the process is so much fun and really easy!

As I write this (synchronistically) the news on the radio is that 'household cleaning sprays', may be responsible for a 40% rise in asthma cases and can cause as much damage to your lungs as smoking 20 packets of cigarettes! 

Earlier on in the week it was announced that The Queen has decided that her household needs to considerable reduced the amount of plastic waste they're producing..

We don't need the Royal Family to tell us all about our plastic problems, but the 'safe' 'reliable' allure of chemical cleaners is another story for most people!  Just because you can buy it in the supermarket does not make it safe for you... It just makes them an awful a lot of money, produces an inconceivable amount of waist and silently puts your health at risk!

Don't be like Granny Sheila. If it's not in your house, you won't have to hide it! 

Again the answer to all of this lies in 're-learning' traditional ways and habits, turning to our plant and flower friends for their help and healing. 

We have shared below our favourite recipes for cleaning spray and laundry liquid, both of which we now swear by! We have cut down our plastic packaging consumption almost completely, it works wonders cleaning wise and we have saved so much money. 

Like I said we are not perfect, we have had to tweak things, find out what works best for us. The recipes below have been adapted from our favourite book (thank you Charles Dowding) to suit our lifestyle and needs and we hope you will do the same. 

We would love to hear how you get on, if you have tips of your own (hiding 'evil' chemical cleaners included)  or any questions then please get in touch. We would really love to hear from you! 


Herbal Cleaning Vinegars

Vinegar kills germs, bacteria and mold. It is a wonderful cleaner, and just as powerful as anything you can buy off the shelf. . If you team it up with anti-bacterial herbs, then you have all the cleaning liquid you need. You can use it for your kitchen, toilet, dishwasher, laundry, unblocking drains, lime scale removal, removing smells, the list goes on and on. 



 (Best for Laundry!)

Cirus contains 'd-limonene' which breaks down oil and we have found that this is the herbal vinegar that works best for our laundry. We also soak our whites in it to remove stains.  This is another great one for a general cleaning spray. 

We try to re-use citrus skin as much possible. All citrus fruit in the UK is imported from abroad, so the more you can re use the better!


Citrus Peelings (Orange, Lemons & Limes)

White/ Cider Vinegar

A Glass Jar


Fill your jar with citrus peelings/ halves, we are not fussy about this, we keep adding as we go along.

Pour over the vinegar so that it covers your peelings. 

Keep somewhere dark for two weeks, giving it a shake daily. 

Once the two weeks is up you can either strain your vinegar and re bottle, or like us, you'll end up using it all before that happens. So just go ahead and make some more.



Some well loved Anti-Bac & Potent cleaning herbs

Yarrow | Rosemary | Eucalyptus | Lavender | Pine | Sage | Mint | Lemon Balm | Thyme

If you don't have access to any herbs/ plants then have a go at the citrus recipie above. 


Herbs/Flowers Of Your choice 

A Glass Jar With A Lid 

Cider/ White Vinegar


Fill the jar with your herbs 

{Using Fresh herbs : Fill the jar

{Using Dried Herbs: Half Fill The Jar

Pour in the vinegar to cover the herbs, leaving a little space at the top. 

Close the lid and shake 

Keep the jar in a dark place and shake daily for two weeks

After two weeks strain the vinegar into a glass bottle to store, or straight into your spray bottle for use. 

Make sure you lable your vinegar as some plants (such a eucalyptus) shouldn't be digested. 




Once you have made your liquid (recipe below), you will need to combine it with a herbal vinegar (we think the citrus one works best) and a pinch of Bicarbonate Of Soda. 

Don't be alarmed the laundry liquid is supposed to look like a jelly/ blancmange hybrid! You will need a container to spoon it into, placing it directly in with your clothes in the washing machine drum.  

We have recycled a tiny plastic lunch box base that we use and that works well for us. It amounts  to about a 'cup'. 

The citrus vinegar goes into the softener drawer (again about a cup) along with a pinch of Bicarbonate Of Soda (it will fizz), before turning the washing machine on. 


2 Litres of water 

1/2 cup of DRIED lavender flowers/ DRIED herbs/ flowers

{ or 1 cup of FRESH herbs/flowers

1/2 bar of unscented soap

1/4 cup of washing soda (we found this in our local pound shop or you can buy it online)

A large pan (with a lid) & large jar/ storage tub




Pour 2 Litres of water into your large pan and add your herbs

Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 mins

Then remove from the heat, put the lid on the pan and leave it to infuse for 30 mins

After 30 mins strain and compost your herbs/flowers

Pour the liquid back into your pan

Grate 1/2 the bar of your soap

Bring the water back to boil

Stir in the grated soap until it's all melted

Remove from the heat

Pour in your washing soda and stir until it's dissolved

Leave to cool

Once it's ready it will be a hard jelly like consistancy that can be spooned into your glass jar/container and is ready to store/ use.