Owls, The Ancestors & The Otherworld

Owl Feathers.jpg

Sometimes it’s easy to dwell on the darkness as we loose the light to the seasons, but as Samhain teaches us, just like seeds, all new beginnings start in the dark.

Happy Celtic New year!

A time to plant seeds of hope, dreams, ideas, magic and set plans in place, germinating away in the darkness when we are given permission to rest, reflect, be grateful for and say goodbye to the parts of ourselves that no longer fit. All so that we can grow and be reborn again in the spring.

Yesterday I found these long earred owl (I think!) feathers on my dog walk, it reminded me of that other important part of today’s celebration. To remember, reconnect with and honour our ancestors. The veil to the the Other world, the realm of the ancestors, and the unseen, parts of our lives, is thinning.

I believe that the otherworld communicates with us via symbols, numbers, prompts and clues. They send figurative bread crumbs for us to follow for guidance, wisdom and inner knowing.

My ancestors speak to me in so many ways, but when they really want to be noticed they send birds! Really big birds, the ones that are really hard to miss!

Buzzards & Owls are firm favourites, i’m not sure if this is their way of saying ‘pay better attention’, but it does always works.. I’ve followed ‘paths’ of owls, to each and every one of the life changing decisions I have made this year, and usually it is the Buzzards that lead me on to the Owls path… sometimes literally, like buzzard feather shaped arrows saying ‘right this way’.

The two are never very far from each other, but yesterday it was a swooping buzzard that prompted me to set eyes on the tree and the poor departed owl feathers hidden underneath.

When you look up Owl & Buzzard medicine you find that the owl represents the Moon and the dark, and the ‘hawks’ are the Sun their daytime counterparts. They represent each other in light & in dark.

For me an owls medicine is one of silent wisdom, understanding my sensitivity, hearing and acknowledging what is not being said, what is deliberately being hidden and trusting on what to do with that information.

The buzzard is one of ‘soaring above my perceived limitations’ getting a clear vision, preparing, and focusing on whats ahead, and gaining a higher perspective.

I giggled when I found the feathers, because I couldn’t think of two better representative for what I was trying to work out. It is always our job to decipher the guidance that is being given, but that is the point of the process, the lessons are there but the choices must come from us.

I don’t know about you, but I could never look into big beautiful, soulful owl eyes and ever think they were scary, just as I can’t view the dark as scary anymore.

Like the sun and the moon, never one without the other, but always balanced.

Two feathered representatives for navigating the dark, into the light, teaching us the ways of balance. A constant cycle of change and renewal of ourselves.

Happy Samhain, Halloween, Day Of The dead, however you choose to celebrate or not celebrate, I hope you find your own way of staying positive, happy, heathy and loved within these darker, colder months.

Kelly-Marie xx