Our story began in 2015, Andrew had just moved back to Dorset the county in which he grew up in from London and met Kelly-Marie who had also relocated back from London to her childhood home in the New Forest. Although working within five streets of each whilst in London we had never met until one day in Wimborne Dorset. Several coffee meets led to several pub meets and river side walks. The more time we spent together as a couple the more our lives became intwined, Andrew would help Kelly-Marie whenever she needed it doing beautiful wedding flowers and Kelly-Marie would help Andrew on larger gardening jobs and landscaping projects. It was inevitable that we would one day start a joint venture, once we had the idea of farming flowers and herbs it wasn't long until we found a site for our business and before we knew it the flowers took up most if not all of our time. It was our shared passion for preserving nature, not harming the environment and conducting our business in a sustainable way that gave us the drive to take this step towards creating Kintala Flowers. 


Kelly-Marie Burdekin...

Leaving The New Forest, for a degree in textile design at Central Saint Martins. I spent eight years crafting out a career in the costume, prop and styling world. Working at The National Theatre, prop making with Rhea Thiersten, dressing extras for a Kylie Minogue video and a long spell of buying, window dressing & prop-coordinating at Beyond Retro led me to achieve one of my lifetime ambitions of giving a talk at The V&A museum! My London experience is what sparked off and inspired my longing to get back to and 'create with nature'. Returning to the New Forest in 2012, I started my steep learning curve in floral design, being taught by the best (super florist) my mum! I started my floral adventure as the in house florist at Deans Court. All the while exploring my passion for flowerlore, herbal and hands on healing and working out a way to create a business based around what we can do to give back. Thanks to a meeting of minds, skills (and hearts) Andrew & I started Kintala Flowers, a way for us to inspire through the beauty of nature, to help heal and protect our beautiful planet and to reconnect people to the wonderful ways of plants. 


Andrew James Blyth...

Having left Dorset at sixteen to move to Brighton to study music, I spent my late teens and early to mid twentys touring the UK and Europe and releasing music through Epitaph records. After a brief stint dealing antiques, I then moved to London to work in the tattoo industry. Needless to say once you've grown up somewhere as beautiful a Dorset there is always an urge to return. I hatched a dream whilst living in London to move to the country and set up a gardening business. Thanks to some lovely people and a lot of hard work that is exactly what i did with a little bit of coppicing, hedgelaying and landscaping thrown in for good measure. Its all these traditional nature based skills that I now channel into Kintala Flowers.  

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Team Kintala Flowers

Phyllis the King Schnauzer, Luna the Romanian mystery & Bentley the black cat.